Frederike von Cranach was born in Heidelberg and grew up in Cologne with her English mother, German father and younger brother Lucas. True to her famous family name, Frederike displayed both a love and a talent for art from an early age.

After studying both Art and German history in secondary school, Frederike attended the well known Akademie Modedesign Düsseldorf where she pursued a degree in fashion design.

Upon graduation, Frederike became a designer while spending her free time drawing and painting. After a couple of years working in fashion, Frederike eventually left the industry to pursue her passion for fine arts full-time. She trained for the next few years, first at the Wackers Akademie in Amsterdam and then at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.

After completing her training, Frederike moved to London where she continues to develop her work from her studio.



Ansammlungen, Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin, DE 

Reflection-Reflektion, French Art Studio, London, UK


Drop by Drop, ICON-Institute, Cologne, DE

Uninterrupted, Seiler 5-Art Lab, Baden-Baden, DE



I SKY YOU, Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin, DE
The Chapel at the Old Brompton Cemetery, Brompton Cemetery, UK
Inspired by…V&A, Moorley Gallery, UK
The 23rd Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction, US
Art Exchange, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK


Love + Magic x Art, Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin, DE

Print Exhibition, Heatherleys fine Art, London, GB

LICHT / Gestalten, Goodwin Procter, Frankfurt with Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin, DE

Moda na Cranacha, Cooperation with the National Museum in Wroclaw and the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, PL

Be an Angel e.V., Charity Auction, Berlin, DE

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